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At Paulk Landscaping, we offer a wide range of services, all at an affordable price and a commitment to our customers that just can’t be beat.

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We have tapped into the cutting edge of technology and along with Hunter and Rainbird Irrigation Manufacturing have developed a truly remarkable technique called Smart Water Irrigation System (S.W.I.S.). We have traveled to Hunter Irrigation R&D facility in San Diego as well as Rainbird Irrigation R&D in Tucson to learn how each facet of this system works. This Smart Water Irrigation System starts with retrofitting your current irrigation system with MP Rotator Nozzles, and then we add a Solar Sync to your existing controller. The Smart Water System can be installed on your current Irrigation for as low as $750.00 You will see a 40% education in your irrigation water usage the very next day!!! See how much water we saved this customer:


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